On Prayer

“What is your prayer habit?”

A question posed by my pastor yesterday morning, while he was teaching from Acts chapter one. It had me genuinely looking inside myself for the answer.

It felt like God was following up on my prayer from earlier this week, in which I asked him to help me pray. To show me if my prayers were simply lip service, or if I was really communicating with him. Not only did he give me an answer in 1 John, he issued a challenge and an encouragement to me in church yesterday morning.

What is your prayer habit?

Do I approach the throne of grace with a laundry list of wants and desires, treating God like some supernatural Santa? Do I cast all my cares on him and throw myself upon his mercy, trusting him to meet my every need, and willing to accept whatever he sends me?

Do I spend all my time telling God what I want and how I think my life should look? Do I wait upon him for his answers to come in his perfect timing?

Do I do all the talking? Do I let God speak?

Do I focus on myself and what I need? Do I intercede for others who need his touch?

Do I wait until I’m in the trenches and under fire before I resort to prayer? Do I turn to him first, in everything, for everything?

Do I really pray?

These are questions I am asking myself now, in light of what God is showing me lately. I am examining myself, and hoping that I have the eyes to see where I need to grow, and the courage to allow him to do what he needs to do to make me grow.

This week, I’ll be watching my prayer life closely, and trying to answer these questions honestly. To let the Holy Spirit guide me deeper into truth. How about you? What stood out to you from the pulpit Sunday morning? What are you going to do with it?

Grace & Peace,