Unfulfilled Haiku-ish Feelings.

I was feeling haiku-ish last night. I didn’t write any haiku’s. (How weird that the plural of haiku has an apostrophe. I didn’t know.) I didn’t end up writing anything. Probably because I feel very uninspired lately.

Dain fell asleep on my shoulder last night, as he is still fighting off bug #4 in three weeks, and just mentioned that his ear is starting to hurt. All the boys are still fighting it off. The girls and I have waxed victorious against it, but for how long? Durin has now missed three weeks of his homeschool program.

Our family has NEVER been this sick, this many times in a year. It’s gotten quite ridiculous.

And I have begun to suspect mold. Yes, mold.

In my bathroom, and under my kitchen sink. I called for a free inspection, and we’ll see what turns up. I’m hoping it’s something we can take care of ourselves, and that there is no black mold.

I am also hoping to have our HVAC system thoroughly inspected and cleaned. It’s past time for it to be done.

Ah! the joys of home ownership, and all we didn’t know about it!

I think that this whole thing just confirms something I’ve decided I want to do come spring: remodel our postage-stamp-sized bathroom. Our family has officially outgrown it, it has poor ventilation, and it’s cheaply done. It was probably spruced up before it was sold to us, but it is obvious it was done as cheaply as possible. It looks nice, but it’s just not holding up to the wear and tear of a family of six, in spite of my best efforts.

So, I just put this book on hold at the library. And this one.

It’s high time I put away my fear of big projects, and just do things. I have a creative bent. Why not use it to make this 1200 square foot house a home where we can put down deep roots?

I’ve finally realized God is going to have us here for a long time. I don’t know if we’ll ever make it back to Oregon to live. What I do know is that he has brought nearly all of my very closest friends to live here. And my baby sister. I know that keeping me company is only the icing on the cake of God’s will for my life, and it certainly isn’t the meat of their existence here. Still, I am so grateful.

Anyway. Haiku’s.

I didn’t write any last night. And it looks like I’m not going to anytime soon.

How’s your week going? Any tips for my mold/bathroom/HVAC issue? Can you frame your comment in haiku form? (Three lines. First and last lines have 5 syllables. Middle line has 7.) Most awesome haiku gets a virtual high five.

Grace & Peace,