Adventure comes even to the suburbs.

Apparently, in my family, adventure likes to come in the form of tummy bugs, birthdays, inter-sibling rivalries (I don’t even know if I’m using that right), child-induced hilarity, and sprained ankles. Well, only one sprained ankle. Mine. Totally not a cool story either. I stepped off a curb. Yay, me!

Anyway, today marks the final day the Prather family “lives” in our house. Two and a half weeks of sharing space has gone by pretty quickly, except the last few days. They kind of dragged along, with both mommies out of commission, and both daddies out of town. Still, overall, Kim and I are pretty darn proud that we have all come through this short season with our friendship and our sense of humor firmly intact. Just a little more weather-beaten.

Without further ado, our last few weeks in pictures, because that’s pretty darn easy to do, and kinda fun.

There was the season’s first leaf-jumping.

We hit up the pumpkin patch with a whole buncha friends. Some were happier about it than others.

Lydia turned seven. SEVEN, people. Sigh…

She had a cool cake, that actually looked better than it tasted. I forgot the butter in one cake, and didn’t blend the other one well enough.

Instead of a traditional party, we just had a play-date with cake. It worked, and I like the format. No gifts, no goodie bags, no organized games. Just little girlfriends having fun.

We celebrated our first Reformation Day with the Prather kids, which happens to take place on Halloween, but has nothing whatever to do with that questionable holiday. We made stained glass windows, and read the story of Martin Luther.

AJ came over and started a leaf fight. Which was awesome fun for the kids.

The girls joined their new Daisy troop, headed up by their Auntie Tiff. It’s Audrey’s first year as a Daisy, and she is so very excited!

Speaking of which, it was just after I dropped them off for their second meeting this past Monday that I sprained my ankle. I helped Dain buckle his carseat, then jauntily stepped right off the curb, which was much higher than it looked, probably due to the abundance of leafy debris in the gutter. I don’t even know which direction it turned, but it TURNED with a vengeance. Of course, it would happen on a day when Levi was out of state, but I have amazing friends who all stepped up and took care of me.

Sabrina picked me up from the ER, and took me to the pharmacy and Wendy’s (something about hospitals make me crave a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger…). Tiffany & Ryan took care of all four of my young’uns until that evening, and brought them home just after I got home myself. Kim cleaned my house, got laundry going, and took care of things here. My friends are full of awesome, and I’m so grateful for them.

Now, I sit here typing, my purple cankle propped up on a pillow, and a borrowed cane from a neighbor leaning against the wall behind me, which I hope will enable me to get UP more today. Putting weight on it isn’t terrible, but still kind of tricky, and I hope it heals quickly.

This week has been rough, with little glowing highlights. The Oroweat bakery outlet, and painting a little girl’s bedroom pink among them. I had great plans for this week, but all are side-railed in favor of the adventures placed before me that are beyond my control.

Even in the suburbs, we have our adventures. They’re small adventures, to be sure, but decent enough as adventures go. If it weren’t for Kim, our kids’ accidental funny-ness, and a good sense of peace, this week would probably have taken me down. Figuratively, I mean. I am very literally taken down at the moment!

Oh well.

Guess that means I have a chance to write more?

We’ll see.

How was your week?

Grace & Peace,


5 thoughts on “Adventure comes even to the suburbs.

  1. My week was pretty adventurous too. My husband was home sick early last Tuesday and didn’t go back until today. Since the TV was on from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, getting anything done at all was quite an accomplishment, especially now that we’re living in only three rooms (the rest are closed off for the winter). There’s just no place to go to escape the horrible television. Thank God he’s better today!

  2. So sorry about your ankle! Hope it heals up quickly, but I can’t say I am sorry to hear that you might be writing more often! I always look forward to and enjoy reading your blogs.

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