It’s Morning

It’s a November morning.


I said, “NOVEMBER!”


It’s frustrating how quickly the year seems to fly, no matter how each day may drag on. Yet, I woke with a sense of rest and readiness for today. I wake with a desire to write nearly everyday, but it feels as though I spend all my writing energy in journaling my prayers with a real pen and paper. At the same time, I never run out of material. It’s not really possible when you live with four kids and a husband.

As I am making some priority changes in my life, I find myself with an over-abundance of ideas and topics I want to write about and share. Once again, my mind is so full, I’m struggling with where to start. The obvious place, I have learned, is to just start typing once in awhile, and let words flow however they may.

That’s exactly what I’m doing this morning. Not quite a brain dump – that would be nonsensical to anyone but myself – but a moment to see the words form in front of my eyes, as they are forming in my thoughts.

The connection between my brain and my fingers is one that amazes me. I no sooner think a word, than it is typed out in black and white.

Nerdy coolness.

I don’t have the brain power this morning for anything deeper or more fun than what I’ve given you, but I hope you take this small morsel and know that I think of you often. Those of you who keep returning, waiting for me to write. I see it in my stats, and I’m so happy and grateful to have the reminder that my writing doesn’t just fly out into empty space. It lands somewhere, every time.

I think that is just swell!

I hope your November has started out magnificently. If not, may it grow to magnificence soon!

By the way, what have you been doing while I’ve not been writing?

Grace & Peace,


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