We had no idea he was out in the backyard, working on this himself. All we knew is that he kept taking his bike out of the shed without asking, and we’d often find it upside-down or on its side in the pouring rain. Needless to say, the chain was not doing well, and its tires were flat. We thought he was just playing with it, using it for a factory, like he did when he first got it.

Then, this morning, I heard him yell from the backyard, “I JUST RODE MY BIKE! I REALLY DID IT! I RODE MY BIKE!!!” My curiosity piqued, I quietly made my way to the back door to watch. Sure enough, he’d ride about six or seven feet on the back patio, but his bike was unsteady, and the chain fell off. I commended him for his effort, and didn’t think much of it after that.

I left for a baby shower, and when I came back, it was to the confident announcement by Durin that he could, indeed, really ride his bike. He wanted to show me. Daddy had pumped up his tires and fixed the chain, and I was able to capture a short video of his new skill. Shortly after this, his chain fell off again, and we now have to wait for Daddy to get home. We’re not sure if he needs a new bike (it seems small for his height, but I don’t know), or if the chain just needs to be put into good repair again. We’re going to take care of it this weekend, though, so our boy can hone his skill.

Part of me really feels guilty that Levi & I have never worked with him on riding a bike. Not really, anyway. The other part of me is proud of the determination and initiative it took for him to just teach himself. Would that we all had such temerity. There is more to this boy than I have ever given him credit for, and I am one proud momma.

And I am going to make sure I tell him so.

Grace & Peace,


5 thoughts on “Self-Taught

  1. All of the kids in our stairwell learned to ride this summer. It wasa a major case of “monkey see, monkey do”. Watching the lot of them all cheer each other on and be super supportive makes me feel good about it, and lessens the guilt I have for not doing it myself. 8 kids went from not being about to pedal, to riding absolutely everywhere in less than two weeks.

    Tell him good job from Auntie Sara!

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