This’ll do for now.

Yet again, I have allowed myself to go far too long without a post. I don’t feel remotely guilty, so don’t worry about that. I do feel a little lonely without my daily ration of frenzied typing and editing and picture-posting. It’s certainly not for lack of ideas. Those flash through my grey matter at a rate of approximately a bajillion per day. Give or take.

At this very moment [okay, I’m finishing this up three hours after I started it], there are seven children playing cooperatively together at the other end of the hallway. The kitchen is clean. We finished all our school subjects today. There’s laundry sitting right here in front of me, begging me to fold it. I told it to take a hike. Now, it’s giving me the silent treatment. Whatever.

I’d totally rather write.

Especially because Katherine at Home’s Cool decided I should receive an award for my blog. I don’t know where the award originated (I half-heartedly Googled it), but I like the sound of it. “Versatile Blogger.”

Versatile = a really really kind way to say “All-over-the-place”?

Sounds just like me. Don’t you think? Either way, it completely made my day as a very pleasant surprise.

A quick note about Katherine. I don’t know exactly how long she’s been reading my blog, but it’s been awhile now, and she has encouraged me in my writing probably more than anyone else I know. Except maybe my Auntie-in-laws, Sherry & Jackie, who are epic encouragers. Katherine gives me great feedback and sincere advice, and I have appreciated our budding online friendship so very much. I literally have thanked God for her. (Hear that, Katherine? I mean every word, lady!)


I’m supposed to share seven things about myself I may not have shared before, and so, theoretically, you ought to find them interesting.

1: No matter how appetizing it looks, no matter how many times I give it another try, I cannot eat sushi that has seaweed. At all.

2: I use too many emoticons in text messages and chat windows. I can’t help it. They’re cute.

3: I over-analyze a lot of things that really need no analyzing at all.

4: If it were physically possible, I’d rearrange my living room a lot. Just like my mom.

5: I miss being part of a worship team, and can’t wait for the day I can commit to one.

6: I like the fact that I have a few grey hairs.

7: I want to pierce my nose and get a tattoo, but I don’t want to color my hair.

Now that I have completed this part, I get to choose five bloggers to pass it on to. My main problem is that I’m not entirely sure I know five bloggers any more. Let’s see, shall we?

First up, there’s Sara V. In her case, “versatile” means “epic doses of awesome randomness”. And yes, that is a compliment.

Of course, I can’t pass up a chance to show off my auntie-in-law, Jackie. Jackie’s version of versatile is her ability to do pretty much anything better than Martha Stewart, with more creativity, less money, and a way better smile.

Then, there’s Sara R. What with her Crohn’s journey, lactose and gluten intolerance, and her uber-smarts, her versatility likes in her ability to bring all kinds of good nutritional information into one cohesive, readable blog. She’s awesome at helping people figure out their own individual needs. Plus, I just like her an awful lot as a friend.

Abbie is next, with her wide variety of homeschooling ideas, tips, reviews, and encouragements. Her versatility is self-explanatory, if you go check out her blog.

Last, but not least, there’s Brian & Shelly. My one-time youth pastors, now missionaries in Uganda. To live in Uganda, you’ve got to have some built-in versatility, that’s for sure. I love being able to follow what they’re doing, and pray for them.

Now, I need to go notify all these people of this super-special award. Then, go to bed. I’m tired, y’all!

Grace & Peace,


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  1. #2-5 : I feel the same way ๐Ÿ™‚ And maybe versatile just means that you go with the crazy flow of this thing called life. Sometimes you write more, sometimes you write less, but you speak when God gives you the words to share ๐Ÿ™‚ And there, I used two smiley faces in this comment, ha !

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