(Last Week’s) Obligatory Homeschool Post

Let’s see…we did lots.

We did math…

We did reading, writing practice, spelling, a little English/grammar, and Durin wrote his first story. The little ones did letter work, and Audrey learned the short-vowel sounds for A, E, and I, and practiced writing her name. Durin and Lydia read their Sonlight readers, and we went through the discussion questions for each. We signed them up for the Book-It program through Pizza Hut, and I told them that if they do all their school reading without complaining, they’ll earn their coupons at the end of each month.

Alphabet notebook work

Alphabet notebook beginnings for Dain.

Lydia practicing her lettering.

Alphabetizing is soooo exciting! No, really!

I gave Dain the letters to his name, along with numbers, and asked him to put them all in order. I showed him the order first, then mixed them all up. He managed to get his name in order, and was quite proud of himself!

Lydia's gaining confidence with short-vowel words.

Author of "Me and a Troll."

“Me and a Troll”
by Durin

I was walking on a bridge, when suddenly, a Troll called out, “Who is that?!”

The Troll had fangs like sabers. he was covered in warts. he was eerie green. He was acting hungry!

I said, “my name is, Durin!”

The Troll looked surprised, he said, “What! Durin!”

With that, he jumped out at me!

I drew my sword, and that was the end of the Troll.

The End

We also managed our history, map skills, Bible time, and other miscellaneous skill work.

Dain LOVES his "I Can Cut" book.

Map Skillz, yo.

Lydia's first map skills work.

Aaaannnd…that’s about it. This looks like a lot more than it is, but it still feels really good to have completed so much, even if it wasn’t 100% of what I had planned. We’re definitely getting there. We also did other things that don’t require so much sitting – that helps a lot. Still looking for other creative ways to incorporate some things I’d like to add.

How is school going in your family, whether your kids stay home or head to a classroom? What are their favorite subjects?

Grace & Peace,


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  1. School is going fantastic at my house. My baby is in his senior year at a college 30 minutes from home, and he has found his probably fiance. Yea!
    I ordered some lifelong learning stuff for myself, and it arrived today! Yea!
    Just fantastic. 🙂

  2. Oops! I meant to comment here, but accidentally got onto the last post about something appropriate! 🙂 Seems ironic, somehow.
    Anyway, I have the pleasure of notifying you – you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award – Congratulations!

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