July-and-then-some, in Pictures (and some words).

Mostly because I am too tired and befuddled to write anything coherent.

We spent Independence Day with these people:

We were greatly amused by this:

We welcomed my best friend, Tiffany, and her family into our home for the first time, and the kids got along fabulously. Sophia’s even smiling (way at the other end of the table), and her mother informs me that she doesn’t do that for just anyone’s camera. I feel privileged.

Obligatory visit to Garden of the Gods. Seriously. You can’t NOT go there – it’s gorgeous and free:

I love this kid like crazy:

The Tiffs:

Levi makes a great teddy bear, apparently:

The Chlo-beez cooks. I will keep her.

Also, Dain is four.

And he still likes Cars. An inordinate amount.

Then, we had our first day of school. Durin is now a 3rd grader, Lydia a 1st grader, and Audrey is in Kindergarten. All are still participating in the once-a-week homeschool support program at a local charter school. We still love it, and so do the kids.

I’m a little bit glad I set the blog aside for a bit. It’s given me a chance to re-organize my brain, as much as that is possible, anyway. I’m still hashing out a few priorities, but I hope to give this blog a place again. What with my doula business actually growing (I have two clients in August, and prospects for three others later in the year), I’m definitely busier.

So far, I have this to go on:

1) My relationship with God.
2) My relationships with my family and friends.
3) Homeschooling and Home Management.
4) My business.

We’re saying “No” to everything else at the moment, until we get a clearer idea of whether or not anything else should be added to this list.

That’s all for now.

Grace & Peace,


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  1. Have missed you and wondered . . . thought there MUST be lotsa babies up there, or something! 🙂
    Take good care of those priorities and with ALL the busyness you have had, I am so honored that you stopped by my place! Thanks!

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