Happiness in Spring

I’m not a huge fan of the heat of summer. I’m much more in tune with the bright green dancing of spring. The tail end of spring is my favorite. Of course, I love the early days, when all that is drear and brown begins to open and bud.

Yet, it’s when all the budding is finished, and everything is verdant and open; when the sun and the wind really get the trees clapping their hands and singing; when the grass is full grown and tickling bare toes, that spring feels its most springy to me.

Blossoms are wonderful, but the green of the fully-grown leaves touches something more deeply inside me. It’s springtime, grown-up. The trees are more open to conversation then, and if I listen carefully, I hear them whisper, “Glory!”

I cannot help but agree. Glory, indeed!

This time is ripening, holy, and rich in joy. The sluggish heat has not yet taken hold. There is only warmth, wind, and a willingness to grow, grow, GROW!

I love late spring.

It’s much easier to smile and be happy here.

Grace & Peace,