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All I really want to do everyday, at some point, is sit down and write. Why I feel this driving need to have something profound to say in every post is beyond me. I have read post after post, by good writers, to those of us working on it, that to be a good writer, I just need to write. A lot.

Yes, May has been ridiculously busy for me, and I simply haven’t had as much time. At the same time, I have figured out that I am a better person when I write often, even if it’s just a brain dump. I would still like to try a free-write, which I haven’t done since who-knows-when.

I like writing.

I like seeing words on pages, in windows; in pen, pencil, or Arial.

I like reading and re-reading and revising and rearranging my own words.

I like the feel of keys clicking under the tips of my fingers.

I like the smell of ink and paper.

I like seeing my thoughts take tangible shape and form in neat, pretty lines across my screen, or a page of a composition notebook.

Frankly, I like my handwriting. It’s only sort of legible, but it looks pretty.

I like the catharsis following pretty much every post I write, no matter the subject. Simply not having it rattling around in my brain all day is a lovely feeling.

I like words. I like how they just seem to flow. My vocabulary may not be expansive, compared to that of others, but I’m comfortable in it most days.

Still, learning and using a new word every now and then is fun. I’ll never forget learning what “hyperbole” meant. It’s now one of my favorite words. I like its sound when I say it. I like seeing its very non-phonetic-spelled self standing out like a sore thumb among other, lesser words. Hyperbole wears a cape when I see it in my head.

It’s a fun word.

Writing has a good effect on my day. If I write first thing in the morning, I make for a much happier momma than if I had not. I’m nicer to my husband. I’m nicer to everyone, actually. I don’t space out so much, and songs don’t get stuck in my head. (Who knew?)

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t think I talk quite as much as I normally do when I write everyday. I don’t entirely know if that’s true or not, but it certainly feels true. I suppose I’d have to ask the ones who live with me everyday.

My brain feels much lighter after writing, and a light brain is an efficient brain, for me, anyway. Being grouchy is much more difficult if my brain isn’t full of every little thought I’ve had since yesterday.

What’s funny, to me, is that I don’t necessarily have to write anything specific for me to feel lighter. I just have to write.

Still, it does feel a little funny to write about writing.

I can’t explain my process, really. I don’t know that I have one. I just know that I like it, a lot. I know that I want to get better at it, and that to do so, I need to write a little everyday. That consistency thing kind of gets in the way, though.

I’m working on it.

How do you feel about writing? Why do you do it, when (or if) you do? Any tips for me on building more consistency into my writing? I’ve love to learn from any of you who do it professionally!

Grace & Peace,


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