The last week or so, I have made it a habit to start journaling a little everyday. Usually, it just takes the form of a prayer in which I spill all my thoughts and struggles out to God on paper.

I think that might be why I haven’t written here as much lately.

It’s either that, or I don’t really want to write without saying something. I’m not entirely sure which it is. Maybe it’s neither.

It could be that life is picking up the pace this month, and I simply don’t make the time. I like making the time to write, even if it’s just rambling. It really does help me.

Thanks for putting up with such an erratic blogging “schedule.”

I’ll get into the swing of things again soon, I’m sure.

In the meantime, pray for me. I feel things shifting and changing and moving. Good things, but change is always a little weird.


Grace & Peace,


One thought on “Journaling

  1. Change is always weird – but it’s a sign that we’re alive and on the move, so it’s a good thing. And it is tough to find the time for blogging – especially if you really want to feel like you’ve said something worthwhile. But at least if your life is in change mode, you’re sure to have some interesting topics to blog about!

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