Smitten & Happy

I will have to snag a picture of the new love of my life, if he will stand still long enough! He is two, blonde, and has big blue eyes. He sings “Cuppy Cake” with the sweetest little toddler accent, has a permanently excited tone to his voice, and is delightfully sweet! He even let me cover his little face with kisses. Perhaps because I gave him a marshmallow.

To top it off, when he was leaving last night, I hollered “Love you!” at him. “SO MUCH!” was his loud reply, in his little piping boy-voice! *Swoon!* Be still, my beating heart!

That child is going to be spoiled (in the best possible way) whenever he’s at my house.

Our best friends, the Stewies, moved into town the day before yesterday, and I got to spend a hefty amount of time with them. I loved every minute! The new love of my life is their youngest boy, whom I had not been able to meet other than on Skype.

The last time we saw them, face to face, was when I was pregnant with Dain! Four years ago! Crazy.

Yet, they walked in the door, and we all fit together like a hand into a soft, comfy glove. The boys walked right in, and the kids all got along as though they’d never been apart. It was so. very. good to see them.

It’s still a little unreal that they are here, probably for at least a few years, depending on the whims of the Air Force.

Levi and Stewy together again. Like twin brothers separated at birth.

What an incredible blessing God has given us!

Almost all of my very closest friends live way too far away from me, which is highly aggravating when you want to plan play dates.

Now, I have TWO of them moving into the area! First, the Stewies. Next come the Severe’s! God is far too good to me.

At the same time, having this happen has been an unexpected answer to prayer. I’ve been praying for years that the Lord would make a way for us to move back home, to Oregon, if it was within His will for our lives. The minute I heard that the Stewarts had papers in hand to come here, something settled deep inside me, and I know that God is going to have us here for awhile longer. The Severe’s coming on their heels confirms it.

I haven’t asked for Oregon since. If we can’t have family close, the next best things are friends who might as well be family!

Colorado is home for now. I don’t know for how long. For the first time since we’ve lived here, I’m okay with that. I still have homesick moments, but I know that I know, that we are smack dab in the middle of what God has planned for our lives, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

God did not have to bring two of my best friends to me to help me be content. I’ve done nothing to deserve that. I would have learned to be content in this state eventually – the Holy Spirit is the best of teachers, after all.

But, He did choose to bring them here.

He is so good. So utterly, inexorably, fiercely, unchangeably good. What a lovely, unexpected gift from a loving Father!

So, here I sit, smitten and happy, writing about one of life’s greatest blessings – friendship.

Life is good. God’s love is like a golden thread, weaving in and out of every moment of my life – even the darkest ones. It’s what holds me close to the truth, and keeps me looking up.



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  1. I’m so glad you have some new friends in town. I agree, friends are such a blessing. It seems like God always has just the right friends set in place for different seasons of my life. I’m so thankful that you’re one of those friends!
    And I can’t wait to meet these other friends of yours. I’ve heard so much about them! The more friends the merrier:)

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