Kites Indoors

Erica and I took our kiddos to a neat place called “Imagination Celebration”, because they were having all kinds of neat, free activities for Spring Break. I’ve wanted to take my kids ever since they opened, but have never gotten around to it.

I’m so glad that we did today!

The first thing that caught the kids’ eyes was the kite-making table. All four of them made one, and had success in flying it all over the place…indoors. Normally, I spend so much time reminding them to stop running/touching/goofing off/etc. that this place was a refreshing change. My kids got to just be kids. They got to run and play and touch and experience and create.

I just wish I had more and better photos. It was tough to get any shots, they were moving so fast! Plus, I ended up feeding Schel half the time, so grabbing the camera was a one-handed operation.

Still, hearing the kids conversing in the car about how this was the “best day ever,” and their solemn promises to one another to “never ever forget it, never” brought tears to this oft-harried mom’s eyes.

Here is Lydia, flying high.

And Audrey, soaring.

Even Dain managed to get off the ground all by himself!

Durin moved entirely too fast for me to catch anything but a blur. Literally. If only I had thought to switch to the “action” setting!

I loved the place so much, my goal is to take the kids once a month to try all kinds of different things, and have a monthly “best day ever”, if such a thing is possible.

What memories are you making with your kiddos? I’d really like to know, because we don’t seem to have a lot, and I could use some ideas!



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