String of Random Thoughts

It’s been a few days. I missed you, blogosphere.

*breathes deeply*

Where were we? I don’t even remember.

It’s morning right now. I woke with a headache, but nothing a little peppermint oil won’t help with. I had a birth last night – a butter birth. (“That baby slipped out like butta!”) I was home in four hours. What a powerful momma to work so hard in such a short time!

I’ve missed four out of the last five weeks of church.

I hate that. (I can use it for that, right Sherry?) I get so hungry in between Sundays as it is! Missing this many is likely to end me soon! I’ll probably be picking up the CD’s of the sermons I missed. Next to praise and worship music, good teaching is one of my favorite things to listen to during the day, when I can.

There is something so invigorating and cleansing about taking in the Word of God through a good teacher, and our pastor is certainly that. It’s like taking a really hot shower with citrus-y smelling soap, after doing some really sweaty, grubby work.

I’m about as behind as a person can be on laundry. I had less than a week to catch up between family illnesses. This past month has just hit so hard, and it was convicting to realize I wasn’t quite up to the task. I’m not being hard on myself, just stating facts. It’s interesting amazing thought-provoking convicting to see how little it can take for my weaknesses to be laid bare. At least, now I know what the Lord wants to work on in me. A few things.

Self-discipline for one. Self-control. Gentleness.

Just when I think I’m doing well, look out! “So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” ~1 Corinthians 10:12 (NIV)

With the Holy Spirit’s help, and by the grace and mercy of God, I’m working on it.

I could still use a big sister. The thought grows stronger in my mind, but I hesitate to mention what I think that might look like in my life at this point, because I don’t know what God intends it to look like yet.

I’m still in the market for a wing back chair to put in the corner of my bedroom. Maybe something a little on the cozy side, like this. Only, I think I’d like a solid color or something more floral? I don’t know. I just want my own little nook to curl up in and cuddle in my Abba’s lap for awhile each day.

I haven’t had that since we lived in D.C, and I miss it.

I love my friends.

They come in so many different packages. Some are closer than others. All are safe to be myself with.

I have yet to meet condemnation in any of their eyes. I have met only acceptance and grace. God has been good to me in all areas, but especially in the friendship department.

I miss Oregon, but Colorado has grown on me. It’s really quite big and open and awesome here. A very different beauty than the elfin, quiet, moss-covered valley in Oregon where I grew up.

I’m grateful that laundry can be a form of worship, because I have a lot of it to deal with today! May God be glorified in every pair of socks, every blanket, and every pair of jeans!

Now for coffee, a little prayer cover, and the starting of a long day.

Thanks for sticking with me. What does your day look like?



2 thoughts on “String of Random Thoughts

  1. Oh Tiff I see just what you are saying and I get it. Just so you know I am walking just about the same path as you. God is so good and even though we are not close physically I am encouraged that so often we see reflections in each other of Gods work in our lives. Let us not grow weary.

  2. God is so good and I love to think that as I’m keeping my hands busy constantly (be it reading a book to strengthen my walk, schooling, chores ect) that I’m serving Him, serving my family…keeping my hands busy unto Him! I love that we can worship Him in all that we do:)

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