Day 9: My Man In Black

I think Jesus gets the default top positions for today’s topic: The one who has gotten me through the most. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t have married my own personal Man in Black.

This man and I have come through more together in the ten years of our marriage than I think I ever went through in the nineteen before that. I can’t even begin to name it all. Personally, I’d rather not dwell on everything he has brought me through. Unless I am wrong (and I am never wrong), I sometimes feel like we’re headed dead into the Fireswamp these days.

It is his loyalty, his honesty, his sense of humor, and his stubborn presence in my life that has become something I count on, second only to Jesus Himself. He’s still the very same man I married nearly ten years ago, just more mature. And with facial hair. (No mask though. That would be weird.)

However, it is his unconditional love that has been my mainstay – above anything else. No matter how horribly I can behave at times, he stubbornly refuses to do anything but love me. Just me. He has never ONCE asked me to change. Never. He has just accepted me.

He doesn’t always understand me. (I don’t even understand myself half the time anyway.) He doesn’t always agree with me. He’s not often Mr. Perfect. But he loves me.

He loves me.

“And a man who can do that, can plan my castle onslaught any day.” ~Inigo Montoya

In other words, he’s my Man in Black. And unlike that twit of a woman, Buttercup, I won’t leave him when we emerge from our Fireswamp. We may be singed a bit, and not unscathed, but we’ll be together.

And yes, this is a kissing book.

I love you, Levi. I always will. Thanks for putting up with me and my hair-brained ways.


PS: Honey, I tried to work in your favorite quote. Couldn’t do it.


4 thoughts on “Day 9: My Man In Black

  1. Aw! This is so sweet. You got a good one…actually both of you did! 🙂
    (What’s his favorite quote. I’ve gotta know now!)

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