Day 6: The Real Deal

I think if I could trade places with someone for one day, it would have to be this hottie. Meet Desirre.

She has a lot of initials after her name, heralding her hard work and education as a birth professional. She’s a labor doula, a childbirth educator (dually certified through CAPPA and Lamaze), a lactation educator, a childbirth education trainer (mine, actually), and is the president of the International Cesarean Awareness Network.

She’s a wife. A mother to four boys. FOUR BOYS. She’s my good friend, a sister to every woman she meets, a powerhouse of passion.

Most importantly, she is real. So very, very real. What you see is what you get. And I know that if I could walk in her shoes for just one day, I would come away with some serious “conquer-the-world” insight and confidence.

Don’t get me wrong – Desirre is not on some high and lofty pedestal in my mind. She would totally “Phbbbbt” at the idea. She doesn’t let that pedestal thing happen anyway. The first thing she does when I go to her for advice is to use her own mistakes and experience to teach. No illusions there.

Desirre is no pretender. She’s the real deal.

My main goal in life is to spread sunshine, but not if it means pasting on a fake smile in order to go through the motions like any robot could. And that is why I want to walk in her shoes for a day. To learn how to be more like that. To get a taste of that passionate, bold confidence only true humility* can bring.

Is there anyone YOU would trade places with for a day? This was Day 6 in the 30 Day Photo Challenge.

Be blessed! Monday School will be back eventually. That’s a hard one to keep up on when I’ve made a commitment not to post on Sundays.


*humility being defined as an accurate view of oneself, not a self-abasing view.