It’s a Chore Tonight

It’s a chore tonight to write anything. My head feels explosion-ready. I just came home from week three (of four) of childbirth classes at the pregnancy center, where I’m teaching as a volunteer. The class went swimmingly, especially because every single one of my students is DOING THEIR HOMEWORK. It’s bizarrely wonderful. One guy even brought note cards, and taught his portion brilliantly. I barely had to add a thing. I was impressed.

Everyone in this class is so open (though quiet), and mature, and full of questions too. I love it. They’re eager little sponges, though it took awhile to get them to the point where I would call them “open.”

Seriously, I’m beyond exhausted right now, and really don’t even feel like writing. I just have to. I have to. Words just keep coming. Mostly in a very jumbled fashion, so I think I need to just stop and put this away for the night.

I need a good, long soak in a hot tub. And some water. And some protein (I missed dinner). And my warm and lovely bed.



One thought on “It’s a Chore Tonight

  1. It’s so awesomethat you can volunteer to do something for others. It sounds like you have your hands full. Adorable children. I love the picture of them at the table. And the Greek food? Yummy. Although I would have had to have a small piece of baklava!

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