Boys’ Day Out

As I mentioned before, Levi received two tickets to a local NBA game from my parents for Christmas, and I couldn’t go with him, because I was teaching that night. So, he decided to take Durin instead. Though Levi and Durin have done many “manly” errands together, this was their first real father-son outing.

They had a pretty good time, though the unsportsmanlike conduct of one of the teams, and the announcer really grated on Levi’s nerves. Even Durin could see it, and he doesn’t fully understand basketball yet. Still, Levi said they both had a good time, and Levi really enjoyed talking to his son on the drive up to the stadium. Durin came home so dead-tired, and went to bed in his clothes. It’s a day he’ll remember forever, I’m sure!

I sent the camera with Levi, and he brought back a few pics:

My guys, looking all alike and stuff. I love these guys.

The view from their seats:

My eldest. He’s really, really growing. And that bugs me a little. His is one of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen:

Steve Nash warming up. (Apparently, we are Suns fans.)

Durin got a kick out of the mascot when he came into their section:

I love that my husband really enjoys being around his kids. They never seem to be a nuisance to him. He’s always up for a few kids in his lap, even when he’s playing WoW, or a wrestling match, or taking them on an errand with him. He’s such a family man – more than any other man I’ve met. (My father and FIL excepted.) It’s like he lives to be HOME with US.

I love it. I love HIM.

How is your week going? Mine is crazy, but it’s my own fault. Oh well. Looking forward to new starts is always nice.



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