Monday School: Questions.

Today has been weird. It could have been incredibly productive, but it was mostly weird. You know when you have a long list of things you want to get done, and you set about doing them, but in the middle, you sort of get sidetracked by something that needs to be done, but not right now, and it makes your day feel as long as this run-on sentence? Yeah. It was one of those for me. Mostly my own fault, but there were a few wrenches thrown in there too.

So, I do not feel as prepared as I would like to be to “school” anybody on this nearly-ended Monday. However, yesterday morning was yet another morning where I felt overwhelmed by all I took in. All God had for me. I took four full pages of notes! Four pages. It’s going to take me months to sort through everything in that, if I am ever really able to.

What stands out most is the inordinate number of application questions. Each one of which deserve an honest answer from me. God stands at the door of my heart again, knocking, asking me all this, and I need to make sure I take these questions to heart, and really seek out what my response will be. In the order in which they came to me from Luke 4:14-30 (NIV):

  • If Jesus thought it was necessary to be filled with the Holy Spirit, how much more critical is it for me?
  • How many days do I go without that filling, simply because I did not ask?
  • Am I running on empty, as a habit?
  • How much of God do I want? Do I want all of Him, or just the comfortable bits?
  • How often do I judge people before they even open their mouths?
  • Am I known by the graciousness of my words? (vs. 22)
  • Do I take every opportunity to encourage, bless, or edify other people – starting with my own husband and children?

Perhaps, as I begin to honestly ask these of myself, and communicate with God about them, I will be led to share what I find in my heart in regards to these questions. For now, I want to just leave them for you to read and see what it is that will be weighing gently on me. Go, read the passage yourself (I linked it just before the questions), and see if any of these questions are ones you think God is asking you, too.

Thank you for reading what I write. I hope that you see the real me – the frail, weak woman in love with a God of power and grace.

A woman who stumbles, who needs to watch her step carefully, and who always has room on her plate for a slice of humble pie (even if it does taste nasty).

What about you? What have you learned from our good God this week?