A New Challenge

I read this quote at Stories In My Pocket yesterday, and it challenged me. Do I write simply because I want to say something? I know that sometimes, when I’m in conversation with people, that is exactly what I do, verbally. Silence is hard for me. Not awkward. Just hard. I somehow find myself believing that I need to fill the gap with something, so I speak. And speak. And speak.

To be honest, I really don’t even notice that I’m doing it, until I look back on a conversation later, and wince at my over-bearing domination of it. Especially when it’s something I’m passionate about, like birth, or Jesus.

Do I write the same way? Do I write simply because I must say something, and anything will do?

I’m afraid to admit that I think I do, indeed, do this more often than not.

I would like this year to be the year in which I find my voice on this personal blog of mine, and write because I have something to say. What exactly is it that I want to say here? I would like to narrow my focus, and make sure each word I write has a purpose – that it’s not just here, filling a little tiny corner of the Internet, and not really saying much. I use an awful lot of words for this to be the case!

It’s time I put my words to good use.

One way I hope to do that is to write as consistently as possible this year, and using some assigned topics to break me out of my typical box, challenge me, and help me to search out what it is I want to say here. So, I am joining the WordPress Post-a-Day challenge for 2011. The only day I will not commit to writing something is Sunday. That is my day of rest and quiet and family. I won’t intrude on it.

I already have at least a vague idea of which direction I want to take here. I want to encourage people. Bring a little beauty, joy, or inspiration to someone, somewhere, each day. I want to be a ray of light into darkened corners. I want people to smile because of me. At the same time, I want people to see the real me – not the internet me. I want people to take heart as they see me struggle and surrender; climb and fall; discover, learn, and grow.

Can I do it? I suppose we’ll just have to see. Call me out, won’t you? Leave comments, let me know how I’m doing! If I’m going to know whether or not I’m achieving my goal to inspire and encourage, I’m going to need you, my precious readers, to let me know!

If you’d like to join either of the WordPress challenges (they have a Post-a-Week challenge too), then just click HERE to sign up!


6 thoughts on “A New Challenge

  1. You sound just like me. I feel like I should write/blog because I have stuff in my head and need to just get it out, though it doesn’t serve a purpose so I don’t follow through. Which explains why I don’t blog like I should. But, something struck me as I was reading this post, sometimes it’s just nice to know someone is thinking and/or going through the same things or state of mind you are. Sometimes the writing and talking just to fill the quiet isn’t a bad or annoying thing. I never feel that you say useless things anytime we have talked, all of it has helped me in one way or another. That being said…., I might actually join you in this post a day thing…., could be interesting. Having a specific topic to write about can help to write and say something but it can also present a struggle when your not quite sure what you have or want to say.Love ya!

    • That would be awesome! Maybe, for now, you could shoot for the Post-a-week, just to ease into it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you!

    • Just read that post – thank you! I’ve always thought of myself as a girl who simply talks too much, and can’t help but say what I want to say, be it verbally or in black-and-white.

      It just dawned on me that I’m a writer.

      I’m. A. Writer.

      Whoa, that’s weird.

  2. Heh. I love the fact that there’s this magic and mystery around the idea of “being a writer.” Ultimately, “being a writer” is really nothing but putting words down where they can be read. Some do it better than others, but everyone does it. But there’s this perception that it’s something really arcane and almost to be feared, which is good, because it keeps me employed. If more people figured out that, actually, “Hey, I can write,” the mystery would fade.

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