Happy Little Christmas Things

It only takes little things to bring a smile to my face this time of year – enough that Levi finds ample opportunity to have a good laugh at my expense. In a good way. Mostly. Anyway – I just wanted to share a few of them with you today.

This is the $5 creamer and sugar bowl set I found while shopping for elastic. I made it to the elastic aisle eventually.

I bought two of these at a thrift store for 50 cents apiece. Sometimes, coffee just tastes better in a Christmas mug. I know it doesn’t match the cream and sugar set, but I thought Levi would like these better.

These (below) are just a close-up of the jammies I made the kids this year – not Christmassy, I know, but Levi fell in love with the fabrics in the store, and this is what he chose. Personally, I love them! You can’t beat ninja monkies or adorable monsters.

Though I’m not a seamstress, I really enjoy little sewing projects. I made the pants, then just appliqued a cut-out from each fabric to a blank t-shirt. I just seem to find a little tranquility while I’m sewing. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

Here are the kids opening them…

…which explains Lydia’s expression in this picture:

Schel got festive in her new jammies – only she wore the special “Who Needs Santa When I Have Grandma” shirt with the jammie pants from Grandma. (The ones Grandma sent had a snowman on the top.)

The kiddos are the biggest “little” thing that makes my Christmas a happy one. I never tire of their eagerness.

Me: “Dain, what are you doing?”
Dain (playing with a tape measure): “I’m just checking!”
Me: “Checking what?”
Dain: “MOM! It’s 41 until Christmas!”

Makes me wonder what funny little things Jesus said when He was three. He couldn’t have been somber all the time!

Anyway – Jen, the kids, and I enjoyed a game of Sorry together (Lydia won) before we let all of them open their jammies. They are safely tucked into bed, while I get this post up, and am getting ready to put gifts under the tree, and stuff stockings. And looking forward to my husband getting home after work – yes, work. One of the caveats of 24-hour shops on an Air Force base.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!