Topic 12: Chocolate.

In her list of 30 More post topics, Erica asks me to pick only one food, among the myriads in existence, that I would rate as my all-time favorite comfort food.

I should think that would be obvious, if you have known me for more than five minutes (or you’ve read the title of this post). My all-time favorite comfort food is chocolate, of course.

The darker, the better.

It’s a lovely little indulgence I turn to after the kids are in bed, after a long day, or in the middle of the day for no reason at all. It’s just that wonderful.

It’s like edible endorphins.

Mix it with coffee, and it’s the perfect every-morning luxury.

Combine it with raspberry, and it’s positively sensual.

Make it a melty, minty truffle, and it’s happiness in a bite (or two).

Chocolate makes almost everything taste better: strawberries, peanut butter, caramel, coconut – ad infinitum. It certainly makes life taste better, in my opinion.

Disagree with me, if you must. You’re allowed to be wrong.

Chocolate is something to slow down and savor. It invites me to put my feet up and relax for just a minute, and there are so many days I need those little moments, if only to bring my sanity back from the brink.

So, I usually keep a stash somewhere in my pantry. Even if I don’t avail myself of it everyday, just knowing it’s there comforts me.

I think this sums my feelings up nicely:

How about yourself? What is your all-time favorite comfort food?


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