A Simple Fantasy.

I saw this linked on Facebook, and fell promptly in love! My in-laws are looking for a home, and since they are rather hobbit-like (in personality, not appearance) I could actually see them buying land, building something like this, and living there in contentment for the rest of their days.

The simple life looks beautiful to me. Living surrounded by mossy trees, fairy rings, bird songs, and a laughing brook nearby sounds like bliss. The thought of letting my kids run a little wild in the wild feels a little more right than living in a box, surrounded by other boxes. (No offense to the box-dwellers here. Remember, I’m a box-dweller myself!)

Many fantasize about bigger, better, and more. I fantasize about smaller, simpler, and less. (Except when it comes to children – I don’t mind more of those at all.) I always say, only half-kidding, that I would love a dirt floor, to save me the trouble of sweeping. After seeing this, I’m even more keen on the idea!

What memories and freedom might be found tucked into these cozy little nooks and asymmetrical windows? I know I wouldn’t mind finding out.

Here’s the link to the story. Go check out what this family did – it really is amazing! Hand-Build an Earth-Sheltered House for $5000


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