October in Pictures (minus birthdays).

Enjoyed karaoke night with good friends.

Kids had a great time earning a penny for every ear shucked.

This is just adorable.

Lil Miss Sassafrass has had enough kisses!

Got into a powdered sugar fight with Erica. I may have started it, but she totally whooped my tail!

Pulled out finger paints for the very first time. Yippee!

Thoroughly enjoyed a “Chronicles of Narnia” themed night at the church on Halloween with Erica and her family. I’ll post more pics of this later. Maybe. If you whine enough.

By the way – as of last night, my mom and dad are coming to visit us the week of Thanksgiving! My little nephew will be tagging along as well – so we will have a house that is bursting at its seams. I grin stupidly at the thought of it!