About a Birthday.

Yes, it was a whole week ago that we celebrated Cuteness’ 6th birthday with strawberry cake and strawberry frosting – both pre-packaged. Sacrilege, I know. I had to ask her permission to do it this way, and she was condescendingly gracious in allowing me to. I really don’t even want to show you the picture. So poor was my planning, that I resorted to plastic flotsam for decoration. Sure, it made her happy, but I wanted it to be pretty.

Sigh. Ahhh, well. What’s meant to be is meant to be. When it comes down to it, cake is CAKE, people, and one can’t be too picky.

She opened her gifts before we passed around slices of cake too big for anyone’s good health. (What? Didn’t you know that birthday cake has no calories? Hm. I thought everyone knew that.) Anyway. Party on…

She opened her gift from Mom & Dad first. It’s a Littlest Pet Shop play set. The packaging serves as a the play house for it, which allowed me to be able to get her more than one animal. (Yes, it’s safely tucked away in the garage now, after she was allowed to play with it for the day.)

A big thanks to her Granny & Grandad for the Tinkerbell dish sets! She and Audrey have LOVED eating from these everyday since.

Lydia also got two new outfits – one from AJ, and one from Miss Sabrina (whom we’re hoping will move here come springtime). She adored both, and has already worn each of them, without letting me wash them first.
This one is from Miss Sabrina, down to the shoes.

This is the one from AJ.

She likes the kitties.

My precious little girl just isn’t all that little any more. To be honest, I’ve begun to notice that I don’t often notice her. She is almost always very quiet, and she is very cooperative with the ideas of everyone else. On top of that, she is an industrious little worker. She gets very annoyed with me when I forget to let her hand wash my pans.

She seems to be a bit of a peacemaker, and you know what Jesus said about peacemakers. I like that thought. Still, I sometimes wish she were still small enough to fit in the nook of my arm, and gaze into my face with that starry-eyed wonder belonging only to babies.


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  1. Ahhh Happy Birthday’s are the best. Haven has his 3rd B-day coming up. I asked what kind of cake he wanted. He said you cut it and I eat it. 🙂 Your cake was perfect and delicious I am sure.

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