Yet Another One is More Than Half a Decade Old…

Our Cuteness turned six today, and I am way behind on birthday plans. I only bought her present yesterday. Let’s just say I’ve been “distracted,” shall we? As usual, we just kept things simple today, with birthday pancakes and one gift to open.

In fact, she’d forgotten today was her birthday, and the kids didn’t come in to wake me. I awoke to the sounds of them playing together, and decided to get up and be the first to wish my Lydia a happy birthday. No sooner were the words out of my mouth than she grinned, and ran, yelling for Durin.

“Durin!!! Guess what?!”


“I just realized…I’m SIX!”

Durin wrapped his big brother arms around his sister and lifted her right off the ground in a big brother bear hug! They all jumped up and down in excitement, exclaiming their little “Happy Birthday” wishes at the top of their lungs.

My eyes welled up, and I didn’t mind that she hadn’t hugged me yet. My kids really do care an awful lot about each other, and seem to all be best friends. Oh, they have their rivalries and arguments and fights, for sure. More than I’d care to recount. My main job seems to be referee. Still, they’re a loving little tribe, when all’s said and done, and loyal to each other.

Anyway, Daddy made the pancakes today, and even though we don’t do anything special other than sticking a few candles in a short stack, the kids seem to revel as though we’d served up straight sugar for breakfast. I love their delight in the Simple.

Lately, Cuteness and Sunshine have really taken a liking to Littlest Pet Shop. I don’t blame them. The things are so cute, it’s sickening. See? Since they require no batteries, I (think) I’m okay with them. For now. At least until I step on one…

It took me forever to pick one out, but I finally did. And she was happy.

I cannot believe I have two kids more than halfway to ten years old. It seems so weird. I feel more grown-up than I really am. My dad was so right when he told me not to blink.

I find myself so grateful for my kids, even though they’ve really been putting me through the wringer lately. Sometimes I feel like I’m hacking and slashing my way through a jungle of lessons and fights and owies and meals and diapers and whining, with very little to show for it. Then, I see the look on their faces when they’re excited over the latest bug caught, lesson learned, gift given, or hug received. It’s all worth it. Every minute.


7 thoughts on “Yet Another One is More Than Half a Decade Old…

  1. Super cute and it’s those little moments that make the rough spot doable. ๐Ÿ™‚ We like pet shops here too. sweet toys with no batteries. Haven pops one in his pocket and carries it around occasionally giving it a kiss or hug.

  2. You have no idea how blessed I am that the Lord is giving my daughter such amazing nieces and nephews. We are all blessed!
    Happy Birthday to my daughters future niece!!

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