Topic 6: The Big Sister

So, today, I’m supposed to tell you what TV character I think I am most like. That’s easy enough. I am DJ Tanner, from Full House. For a second, I thought about Vanessa’s fast-talking friend on The Cosby Show, but since I don’t even know her name, I dismissed that one pretty quickly.

DJ Tanner it is.

I have always been, and will always be the “big sister.” My sisters and I loved this show as kids, and we’ve seen every episode. I grew up watching DJ grow up, and wanted to be like her. Turns out that I actually am! Always shelling out advice, keeping quirky, awesome friends around, doing well in school, and mostly confident. The only thing I lacked was her decidedly better taste in fashion as she got into high school. (I dressed like a weirdo in high school.)

The first part of this video really shows the me in DJ – the rest of it is just a slideshow.

Really, though, how many times did Mom and Dad catch me singing into a hairbrush at the top of my lungs, on my own personal stage in my bedroom? Too many to count!