All About Sassafrass.

First, she learned how to blow raspberries. It took much concentration and effort, but she has managed to get it down pretty darn well. See for yourself:

Next, she learned how to get around in a very…unconventional…way. And we are delighted!

Then, today, we went with AJ to Covenant of Faith church, where she attends. The pastor and his wife live across the street from us, and have been dear friends for the last five-plus years. We went to be a part of Tischel’s dedication today. Levi took this picture, then joined us to help pray over Tischel, and we both pledged to help support Jen in her parenting through prayer and speaking scripture over her precious daughter – our niece. We are so blessed to be able to be such a part of Tischel’s life. I still thank God for the day when Jen became a part of our household. We all make a pretty good family, if I do say so myself.

This is what Jen had to say when she posted the picture on facebook earlier, and wanted to make sure Gramma and Papa could see it too:

I made a promise today. A promise that will change me forever. Schel got dedicated. It was so special! Pastor Anthony had us make promises. It hit me. That was my moment…I feel like a mom. I vowed to do the very best I can to raise her up in the fear of God. What an overwhelming but wonderful feeling. I’ve been wondering when it would be for me…Well It was today. Wow *deep breath* I’m a mom. *tear* ~Jen

Please keep us lifted up in prayer as we all continue to live and work and figure life out together. Pray for continued peace in our home, and for the Spirit of God to speak to us daily, to guide and direct our every step.