Sad Mommy

Sigh…I love shaggy hair on guys. Especially my little fellows. They’re so handsome with longer hair.

Tonight, they both needed a trim. Usually, Bubbers is pretty good about sitting still, but not tonight. He just couldn’t hold his three-year-old wiggles in to save his life, and his hair looked like a weed-whacker had a heyday. So, to save face, I brought out the clippers and basically buzzed him. I nearly cried.

Turbo needed a hair cut for his school program – boys hair has to be off the ears and collar. So, I told him I could just trim it just right every couple of weeks and leave most of the length, or he could go short, like Dain. After going back and forth a little, he opted for the short version, because then he “can go a loooong time before he has to get it cut again.” Again, I fought tears.

The mountain of hair I vacuumed off the living room floor was astounding. Durin’s hair may be fine, but there’s lots of it!

Anyway, I still think they’re the handsomest little men I know.


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