In Which Food is the Primary Learning Mechanism…or Something.

I know I haven’t posted much this week. I apologize for that. It’s been…interesting around here.

By the time our weird week ends, we will have completed three full days of school, including three cooking and baking lessons. I’ve started letting the kids pick one recipe out of their cookbook to try every other Wednesday. On the Wednesdays in-between, we do a very simple lunch they can help out with in some way or another. They love it, of course, and I’m learning to slow down.

I fully admit I’m one of those moms who would sometimes just rather do it myself, just to get it done and done right, than to take the time to make a mess and a memory. Shocking, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I’m learning that the messes and memories have a “limited-time-offer” stamped on them. I have the rest of my life after kids to have things always done.

Stirring the pot.

Last week’s lunch recipe was a tortellini with broccoli, ham, and a cream cheese sauce. Lydia was my main helper for this one, and actually worked at the hot stove for the first time. I’m proud to say that she did marvelously! She stirred the butter and cream cheese with such dexterity and diligence.

I don’t know why I’m so amazed when my kids do well at a task I give them to do. Showing them that I trust them to do well seems to just work better than watching out for their mistakes, which is far easier to do sometimes.

It may be cliche, but I certainly learn at least as much as I’m teaching them. I don’t mind a cliche every now and then though, since cliches tend to be true.

Such a neat dozen.

The next recipe we broke out, just for fun, was Snickerdoodles. I haven’t made them or eaten them in years, though I’m reasonably sure they’re my favorite cookie. The kids helped me mix and measure the ingredients, but they really liked rolling the shaped dough in the cinnamon and sugar mix.

Bubbers really had a lot of fun rolling the balls of dough around in the cinnamon-sugar! I chose a nice, deep bowl, just for that purpose, and his efforts consisted largely of shaking the bowl in nearly every direction while laughing and sticking out his tongue for concentration. The reason there is no picture of this should be obvious: My hands had to be ready to catch flying ingredients.

Then, there were the brownies. AJ helped them out with these. Here is my brownie-making crew, ready to go:

These brownies were special, you know. (No, not that kind of special!) According to AJ, these had cat claws, mongoose fingernails, and bleached alkaline of the capuchin monkey. Not to mention some mystical secret ingredient that makes them into tasty brownies. Not just brownie brownies.

AJ also wanted to teach them about the “ancient tradition” of anointing the brownie-makers with batter, after which they would “think about brownies” in order to make them tastier. It only works if everyone does it though…

Little Sassafrass really got into it. She wouldn’t have it otherwise!

Of course, once the brownies were safe in the oven, the ritual “Licking of the Spoon” was carefully carried out with much solemnity. Each child was admonished to take only one lick, then pass it on to the kid next to them. My Chubber Bubbers totally ignored this, and if it weren’t for AJ’s interference, the brownies may have been jinxed!

Turbo was very dutiful about the whole thing, and after one lick, passed the spoon reluctantly to his sister.

Cuteness was very “Aunty Trina” in her interpretation. The look on her face told us she took the rule very literally, and had figured out the loophole to get more batter! So, her “one lick” would have encompassed the entire spoon without her tongue ever leaving it. Smart girl.

Sunshine just really, really enjoyed her one lick.

Last, but not least, little Miss Frass didn’t get to lick the spoon. So, she licked a rattle instead, and had a grand ol’ time anyway.

  • What did you do with your kiddos this week? Or, if you don’t have kids, what did you do this week that made you laugh?

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  1. Good ideas for school time mom! Great pics! We went hiking up Little River falls for fun today & looked at a coool old house

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