Topic 2: Built-in Strengths.

Today’s topic is “What do you feel are your best strengths?” It’s not often that I contemplate any strengths I might have, but believe me, as a flesh-and-blood human, I am well-aware of my strong points. Even to the point of pride at times. Humility doesn’t come naturally, and I often wonder if I’ll ever have it.

Still, I am learning the difference between true humility and the false version. True humility allows me to rejoice in my strengths and talents in the same way I would rejoice in those same strengths in others, because I understand that those strengths come from God alone. They are not gifts, and are not mine. They were entrusted to me to use for His glory, to help grow his Kingdom in some fashion, and can be revoked at His will, especially if I refuse to be a good steward of those strengths.

Pretending my strengths aren’t really all that special disrespects the value God places on the strengths that come from Him.

I don’t know why I said all that. I suppose I could have just listed some strengths I know I have. Okay. I’ll do that. Here are five strengths I know I have.

My major strength is in communication. Which is a nice way of saying I talk too much. Thus, my biggest strength is also my greatest weakness. I have to exert a lot of self-control to keep from making regular meals of my feet. Anyway, I have a way with words. It doesn’t take a lot of effort for me to put my thoughts on paper, or to speak them aloud. As you have probably noticed, if you’ve known me for even five minutes.

I seem to have a knack for saying or doing just the right thing to help those around me lift their countenance a little bit. My dad has always called me his “Sunshine,” and I’m finally beginning to believe that it’s true. I really do like to think my life leaves a trail of light and joy behind me. Apparently, I was put on this earth to make people smile, take heart, and keep going. But…sometimes, I need a little of that myself.

I’m good at ‘splaining stuff, apparently. I love educating myself and others about all kinds of things. I have been a know-it-all since I was a kid, and with maturity, that tendency has turned to a passion for helping people make sense out of things.

I can sing.
I will never have the kind of voice that sells records, or the technical proficiency to lead a band, but I can sing without hurting anyone’s ears. My strength here is a mild one, but one I thoroughly enjoy. I love music, and am so glad to know I can bring joy to a few people now and then by singing. Plus, singing just makes me happy.

I Can Apologize
I am open to correction. As humiliating as a rebuke can be, I can say that I’m a teachable person. It might take a good, heated argument, but most of the time, I am pretty quick to see when I’ve made a mistake. I would far rather be corrected and embarrassed, and have the opportunity to make things right, than to lose a relationship because of a stupid mistake. (See the “meals of feet” comment above.) When evidence presents itself, I try very hard to open my mind and my heart to see if there is room for improvement, or the need for a complete change in my opinions and beliefs.

  • What about you? What are your major strengths?

3 thoughts on “Topic 2: Built-in Strengths.

  1. I think my strength is motherhood. God blessed me with patience, a knack for cooking yummy and healthy food, and the ability to love. Simple, but necessary.

  2. My Vietnamese roommate is here for a few years getting a degree at PSU and needs to interview someone from another country for a culture class she taking and asked if I wouldn’t mind. When I told her I would love to do that, she warned me that the interview would be 4 hours long and her final project. I told her no problem, I can talk for 4 hours easily. She then said “That is what make you a good candidate to me.”
    I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

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