The Really Truly First Day of School

Durin and Lydia are enrolled in a homeschool support program through a local public charter school. The program has been waiting for weeks to get into their new building, and today was the first day the building was ready for the kids. So, today is their first “real” day of school – a full day, too!

Here they are, all spiffy in their uniforms, and ready to go. Lydia has her show-and-tell bag all ready, and feels like quite the big girl. Durin, of course, is an old pro at this, and knows everything.

Lydia in her classroom with her friend, A. I’m so glad she’ll have at least one person she knows in the program, because she can turn into such a little wallflower in unfamiliar situations.

Durin eagerly awaiting his hands-on science. He loves that part of the school day.

Of course, we’ve got about a week of homeschooling behind us, and the kids have participated in this program for a few weeks – but up until today, it didn’t feel like we’d had our “first day of school.” I haven’t even had to pack lunches until today.

Today it really hit me that Lydia is in kindergarten, and that Audrey will be kindergarten age next fall. Dain will soon follow. I really am out of the baby stage.

So weird.

Now, I need to go get some lunch on the table, do a little grocery shopping, and make Jell-O with Dain and Audrey, who don’t quite know what to do with themselves without the older two. They’ve been plastered to my side all morning…


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