This Week. (A Very Boring Post.)

This week has been a taken a very…interesting route.

Sunday started out fresh and bright, and we were at church almost on time! This, in itself, is a rare accomplishment for our family, even though the service we attend doesn’t start until ELEVEN O’CLOCK! How sad is that? At least the local Christian station plays some really great praise and worship music all morning, which keeps me level-headed and sane during the Sunday Morning Shoe Hunt.

That evening, the kids started a puke parade. It was disgusting in its scope, I assure you. It all started about twenty minutes before I had to leave for a PPRDA meeting, which I could not miss. I had just missed three in a row, and this meeting was to decide who the officers of the group will be for the next two years. I was the nominee for Treasurer. Needless to say, Levi graciously sent me on my way and took care of the Puking People while I was gone.

We both became pukers that night. Neither of us slept.

Monday brought lethargy and laziness. Movies, coloring, snoozing all played a vital role in our Monday. Kept us sane.

I managed to get in our first, really truly full day of school in on Wednesday. Yesterday, we did nada. I spent far too much time on the computer yesterday. Period. No way around that one.

I’m boring myself writing this! Here – look at some pictures:

My friend, Evie’s response to my whining on facebook. She loves me. She really does.

A little guy my kids found among the debris at the foot of our big tree. He died tragically later in the day, when the kids tried to “give him a drink.” There was much wailing involved in the loss of this little creature.

Cuteness’ new favorite activity. She adores feeding my little Sassafrass.

Sassafrass and me. I sure like her an awful lot. She gets more and more dear to me everyday. In fact, I miss her when she’s with her Momma. I’m such a sucker. Little cutie patootie.


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