TT: Bright Yellow Leaves & More…

It has been awhile since I paused on Thursdays to think about what I’m thankful for. Ever since I decided to start participating in this meme, lists of things I am thankful for have been running through my mind constantly.

This week, I find myself in gratitude to God for…

…the way He has been speaking so vividly to me lately. I have received so much encouragement and comfort, that I cannot help but try and pass it along.

…the bright yellow leaves appearing on the trees in my front yard, and the autumn breezes making them whisper.

…my children, and their sweet imaginations.

…my husband, and his growing willingness to really help me with the nitty-gritty things around the house.

…my sister, and the fellowship she gives on the nights Levi works.

…my baby niece, and her sweet little half-dimple. That elusive laugh is always worth seeking!

…the way Dain still turns his hands and feet in circles when he’s excited about something.

…everyday I have with my little family, loving them and taking care of them.

…the mistakes I made, as they lead me into a deeper repentance, and a better ability to learn quickly and move on.

…the girlfriends scattered all over this town, and this country, who love me unconditionally and make me wonder what it is that keeps them hanging around. Everyone from my intimate little circle, to my ever-growing acquaintances, to old friends, and beyond. I am ridiculously blessed in the friendship department.

I really could go on, but Baby Schel is getting hungry, and you know a baby’s voice should never go unanswered.

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3 thoughts on “TT: Bright Yellow Leaves & More…

  1. I am not surprised you have many friends… I found myself wishing you lived close to me :0). I loved your blog… reading it made me feel love and want to give love. God Bless.

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