Day 28: Things I Miss

Since the topic for today is titled “Something I miss,” I will stick to things. If I start listing people, I’ll never stop typing. For that matter, I might not stop crying. Don’t expect a lot of surprises in this one. Goodness knows I’ve mentioned how much I miss many of these things plenty of times.

I miss…

…the Oregon coast.

…the Umpqua Valley, and its many woods, waterfalls, and winding ways. (How’s that for alliteration?)

…going to the bathroom with no interruption.

…moss-covered trees, and wild-growing ferns.

…only having to do four loads of laundry in a two-week period. Even then, I could get away with nearly a month, if I wanted to.

…life before Dad got cancer.

…living in a small town.

…having a budget with only four or five items to keep track of.

…handwritten letters. I try to write them every so often.

…Looney Toons.

Well, that’s all I can come up with for now, that doesn’t make me cry.

Told you it wouldn’t be incredibly interesting.

Thanks for sticking around for nearly a month as I fulfill this 30 Post/30 Days thing. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, and your comments!

What a blessing you all are to me!

What things do you miss?


2 thoughts on “Day 28: Things I Miss

  1. LOONEY TUNES!!!!!!!

    I also love handwritten letters, however I love how quick I can call and talk to you nowadays. ;-D

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