Day 24: The Tears, They Fall

As sensitive as I can be, I don’t often cry over anything less than intense emotions: joy, pain, anger, or deep sadness. Still, there are a few other things that never fail to draw a tear or twenty from my eyes.

My children make me cry. Sometimes, in frustration. Usually, the tears flow in little moments when I find myself stopping in my tracks and just watching them, or really engaging them in conversation. They just yank on my heartstrings so much, it kind of hurts. So, I end up crying.

Sometimes, Levi will email me a link to a song on YouTube that just makes me all warm and fuzzy, and reminds me that he does care about romance. His timing tends to be perfect too. Nearly always, it’s on a day that I would least expect anything like it, and usually happens to come on a day that has been horrible.

I remember that I was having a really bad day, back in May, and this video popped up on my Facebook wall. I am loved so much more than I deserve!

Yeah. That one always gets me. *sniff*

Another thing that is guaranteed to bring on the crying is this scene from Sense & Sensibility. (Erica, don’t watch this one – it’s a spoiler. You can’t watch it until you watch the whole thing with me. Got it? Okay. Good. Moving on.)

Birth stories really get me going every time – especially if there’s video. Doesn’t matter what the story is, I well up. I have cried at every single birth I’ve participated in, because being part of that kind of miracle is a privilege unlike any other. Giving birth myself was amazing, but holding the hands of other women as they do it is every bit as incredible. I love it.

Thoughtful little gifts or deeds done, especially if they’re a surprise, make me cry too.

For example, I cried when Jen brought this picture of the Grey Havens home for me. She took my Return of the King DVD to work with her, without telling me, and came home with this gorgeous print from it! I also have to mention that I’d noticed the DVD missing while I was on the phone with Levi, and when he said that maybe Jen took it, I was rather annoyed. “She’d better not have taken it without asking me!!!”

That’s what I get for being all high and mighty, I guess…

Lastly – saying good-bye makes me cry, though I usually choke it back. I force myself to pretend I’m okay when I say good-bye to people, because I don’t want to be a mess when I’m traveling. So, if I don’t actually cry when I’m hugging you good-bye, rest assured that my insides are exploding in sadness.

I’m sure I could think of a few more things, but I’d rather stop. After all, I don’t want to start crying just because I’m writing a post about crying. How silly would that be?

What’s your number one tear-jerker?


3 thoughts on “Day 24: The Tears, They Fall

  1. I love you babe, and I’m glad you liked the song.
    If a movie makes me cry I’ll usually give it my respect as it achieved it’s goal of moving me.

  2. Movies make me cry often. My family loves to tease me about it, for instance I cried at Toy Story 3 and the minute the sad scene came they were all checking to see if I had tears. 🙂

    My children also make me cry, mostly whe I think about how fast they are growing up recently.

    My number one thing that makes me cry though is sharing anything personal with a group of people. Even if it isn’t that personal I get emotional and cry.

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