Day 23: Ahhhh…Much Better!

Yesterday’s post was written in a state of incredible tiredness, and with large amounts of sarcasm. I feel like I didn’t get to think any real thoughts of my own yesterday. It’s hard to explain…it just is what it is, I suppose.

Today’s is supposed to be a complement to yesterday’s; I was supposed to write about what upsets me yesterday, so that I could write about what makes me feel better today.

For some reason, this amuses me.

In regards to my inability to decipher Microsoft Money’s new budget set-up, what would make me feel better is simply to FIGURE IT OUT!!! I’ve gone a whole month now without being able to really know if we’re staying within budget or not. Here’s why: In my checkbook register, I can assign my transactions a category. These categories used to correspond with the ones in the budget planner. No longer! Now, to figure out what to do. Do I scour the help section in the hopes of learning the new complexities, or do I simply “Add New Categories” to correspond with the register??? I am at a loss.

In regards to other reasons I might be upset, here are a few things that make me feel better:

Talking is a big one. Surprised? I didn’t think so. First and foremost, talking to God really does the trick, but sometimes, I need some flesh-and-blood fellowship, so I call up a friend, or my mom, or my MIL, or wait for Levi to get home so I can talk his ear off. That usually takes care of it. The more I’m allowed to talk through something, the quicker I can figure it out and feel better about how things are going. It also helps curb my desire to feed whatever I’m feeling with some sort of bad-for-me food. Well, that, and not really buying junk food…

One of the best ways, of all time, that I know of to help me feel better are those random, tackle-hugs I get from my kids. For some reason, no matter where they are in the house, when I’m feeling my worst, they seem to somehow have a sense of it. One will come running, and about bowl me over with the biggest hug they have in their arsenal. And I didn’t even ask. And it never fails to change tears of sorrow or anger into tears of divine joy!

It’s really almost like God himself is reminding me of his own great love for me. In fact, I know that those hugs are directly from him. What other god do you know of that hugs his people?

It’s awesome.

Chocolate is another big one. Minimum 60% cacao. I love the Ghirardelli squares, (My favorite is the kind with raspberry filling) and I keep a stash in the house for times of chocolatey needs. Surprisingly, I’ve gotten them to last pretty long. I usually turn to my stash when I feel I’m about to completely lose sanity, or if I feel like I am at the bottom of the totem pole. Moms often are, you know. Usually by our own choice. That’s not always a good thing…

Another thing that helps me feel better when I’m upset is just to be held and allowed to cry until I’m finished. In my husband’s strong arms, with my head on his just-the-right-height chest is my favorite place to be for this kind of thing. He has always been so willing to hold me when I need it. Levi loves me more than I deserve, and I’m so glad!

Also, verbal appreciation goes a long way with me. It has me walking on air for weeks at a time. Especially when I am feeling upset over being overwhelmed or if I’ve really screwed up big-time.

Someone offering to pray for me, right this minute, is another biggie. There is nothing more powerful than the children of God praying for each other and loving on each other this way. Bearing one another’s burdens is a very real way to comfort each other, and one I appreciate so much.

Last, but not least, my husband or kids usually have a way of making me laugh in the middle of my distress. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. They bring me back to a place where I can see the humor in just about anything. Laughter really is one of the best medicines a person can get hold of.

Oh. One more thing that makes me feel better sometimes. Putting on a dress. A pretty, hippie-like, summery, flowery, flowy dress. I am such a girl!

Really, I’m pretty easy to comfort most of the time. Just the fact that anyone would try to take the time to do so brings my mood up a few notches. I love people. People are awesome. Especially those people who are my family, my friends, and fellow heirs with Christ. I am so ridiculously blessed, how can I justify staying upset over anything?!

What about you? When you’re upset, what are the things that are guaranteed to help you feel better?

***NOTE*** The above question isn’t rhetorical, people – I really expect you to leave a comment and answer! I want to
know what you think!!! Yes, that was a shameless act of begging for comments, but I don’t care. 🙂 ****


3 thoughts on “Day 23: Ahhhh…Much Better!

  1. When I’m upset there are several things that bring my spirits up. Several of them are similar to yours.
    1) A good phone chat with my mom or a dear friend will often make me feel better.
    2) Spending time with my Savior is key. Sometimes I just need to put down what I’m doing and spend some time with my Bible, praying and journaling about what I feel.
    3) Writing, to me, is very cathartic. Sometimes the screen is a jumble of words that is never actually posted online, but I feel better after getting it out on the page.
    4) A nap. I know, this will be a lot harder after this child comes, but I do feel better after closing my eyes for a few minutes.
    5) Hugs. I don’t always need someone to tell me all the answers to my problems, but instead, just need a hug from my hubby or a close friend.
    6) The outdoors. Sunshine, flowers and trees always lift my spirits. I can’t help but be amazed by God’s glorious creation. Maybe it’s the Vitamin D, or maybe it’s just getting outside of myself and finding something to be thankful about.
    And the list goes on… maybe I should blog about it:)

  2. 1) Cuddles. Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. If I’m getting kneed, elbowed, or headbutted by squirmy children, it’s not quite so good.
    2) Shopping. Adorable kids clothes are the safest, they’re not “I can’t find anything that fits” and “I need to go on a diet” thought inducing.
    3) Music that I can’t help but dance to.
    4) Dancing. Make it Blues and it’s practically cuddling at the same time. Never fails.
    5) Talking my sister, my best friend, or my boyfriend.
    6) Random compliments from strangers. A man once told me it was wonderful to see a pretty girl wearing a dress and that made me feel confidant for days.

  3. #1- Crying, crying crying, crying, crying… It may not be productive but by the time I get done, I am usually exhausted and can sleep off some of my emotional-ness.
    #2- Talking to my mom or close friends… Self-explanitory, right? Usually happens with number one…
    #3- I will get in trouble for this one, but, here goes anyway- Hookah… I don’t know why but I feel like I just have to sit down and relax when I do it. I guess because it takes forever? I don’t know. But it forces me to chill out by making sure that I can do nothing else but sit and read or chat with friends while smoking hookah. (And, yes, yes, smoking is bad, early death, and so on… I know. I know…)
    #4- Belting out my favourite songs even if I have a terrible singing voice. Usually I do this one with number one as well… lol

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