Day 17: Today is it, so I will start with pie.

For today’s topic, I am supposed to write about my favorite memory. Well, I’m at a loss as to what to say, because my whole life is my favorite!

Okay, not literally, but I’m sure you understand the immense difficulty in choosing just one favorite memory. No matter which memory I choose, I’ll be afraid I’m offending all the other memories!

I guess I’ll just have to write something, and hope my memories don’t get their tender feelings hurt. (They need to grow a thicker skin anyway.)

I think…

…What’s on my mind is that my favorite memories are the ones I’m making today. CS Lewis wrote that the Present is the only place where Time and Eternity intersect. We can’t change the past. We don’t know our future. The only Time we really own is this moment we call “Now.” It’s the only part of our lives we have any control over, so I think I’ll focus my post on today’s memories.

Right now, this moment, I look around me and see memories in the making.

At this very moment, there is good music on the radio. The sun is streaming in my front window through a filter of green leaves rustling in the breeze. Dain is holding his hand out to me, so I can kiss an owie (I think he might be stinky, too). Lydia is having an imaginary dialogue while putting dishes away for me. Audrey is on the floor, still not feeling completely well, sucking her thumb. There are bags of apples on the counter, waiting to be made into pie. Durin is somewhere outside, bent on adventure of some kind. Baby Schel is snoozing in her momma’s room.

This is a snapshot that doesn’t change a whole lot from day to day.

It is lovely to me.

It’s not a perfect picture, by any means. I left out that it is also well-sprinkled with an argument here, remonstrances there, some tears, and more than a few frustrations.

However, it is my picture.

My favorite memories are all mixed up with snapshots of everyday life. Sure, there are some big moments that really stand out to me, and are cherished memories, but as I get older, I find myself immersed in a daily routine that I know I will one day miss very much. This is a time in my life to really live, laugh, and love as though today were my last. I need to teach and discipline and kiss owies and smile as if each moment will be the last one my children will lay eyes on me this side of Heaven.

Even now, as I’m on the computer, typing, I want my children to see a happy countenance. A face that will welcome their little interruptions because those interruptions are ever so vital in their eyes. Hands that will reach out to pull them up next to me, just because they want to be close.

My whole life revolves around making memories for my family, and I only have Today to make them. Yesterday’s memories are already set. Tomorrow’s haven’t come.

Today is it.

I think I will start with pie.

The kids picking apples at a local u-pick farm today. I’m so glad we got to go…one more memory in our pockets to pull out and admire later.

What’s your favorite memory? Leave a comment to let me know!


6 thoughts on “Day 17: Today is it, so I will start with pie.

  1. I agree Erica. Tiff I love reading your writing, it just makes me smile. This one was an eye opener too. Reminding me of what is important….now. The only moments I have control over….now. Thanks sis 🙂

    • Well, Sara, if you said it nicely, I might send the cops to your house, because you might have to have been killed, your place being filled by some nicey-nice freak! 😉

  2. Glad to see you got to take the kiddos picking fruit! We had a lot of fun w/them picking berries this summer! Oh yeah-we gotta go pick neckterines this weekend!

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