Day 14: The Halfway Point. OR Shouldn’t There Be More To This One?

Seriously. Two weeks into this thirty-day shindig, and I am required to post, again, about what I’m wearing today?! Well. Okay then. Today, you at least get a picture.

Now that I think about it, it’s really not a bad idea. Since I got spit on just two hours after getting dressed last time, I put on the same outfit I wanted to wear that day. Once again, I’m wearing a white t-shirt with a pink fairy emblazoned across the front with a khaki green asymmetrical skirt. Bare feet reign, because I believe that toes were meant to be free.

A big “Thank you,” goes to Sabrina, for giving me her clothes. I like free clothes. Especially ones that couldn’t possibly be more “me” than these are.

Anyway, this is going to be a slow-paced Sunday. We’re all home from church, due to all four kids being miserable with fevers yesterday. Everyone’s fine this morning, but we’d rather not risk sharing yuckiness with our friends.

Hey – I just had a thought. What if you share with me what you’re wearing today in the comments section? Make this post more interesting, please. I beg you! Better yet, blog about it yourself, then share the link in the comments, so I can come see! I’d love to have some interaction here, people.

I mean, I can only stand so much of myself before I get sick of me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 14: The Halfway Point. OR Shouldn’t There Be More To This One?

  1. I like having a few “what are you wearing?” days because the first one fell on a weekend for me, and the second one was on a weekday. Kinda gives you a better glance into someone’s personal style to have it that way!

    Super cute outfit missy!!

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