Day 12: What’s In My Purse (Aren’t You Just Dying to Know?)

This is my bag.

I love my purse. I bought it two years ago at Kohl’s. It’s a $45 purse I spent $20 on. So, though it’s not “Goodwill-thrifty,” it’s perfect for me, and that made it worth the $20; which, by the way, is the most I have ever spent on a purse in my life. I’m just not an accessories person.

I love my purse. It’s simple, functional, and will go with everything I own – which probably says a lot about my wardrobe. Ahem. It’s sturdy canvas, so it’s wearing well. It’s roomy, with just the right amount of pockets. I don’t like to have too many pockets, but I don’t like just a big well to dump everything into. My purse is so easy to keep organized. I rarely have to dig for anything. I just need to clean old receipts and grocery lists out of it every so often.
I like to carry as little as I have to, and my needs are few. Since today’s post requires me to allow you into the depths of my li’l ol’ pocketbook, I have graciously photographed everything I dug out of it – trash included.

This is the stuff in my bag.

Can you spot:

  • An old grocery list and several receipts?
  • A few crumpled tissues, probably from church last Sunday.
  • My sister’s WIC checks, for which I am her alternate.
  • The cutest wallet of all time, which I bought right after Levi & I got married.
  • A fairy-emblazoned checkbook on which a child has drawn. With ink.
  • A 2-year pocket calendar with a paper clip to hold this month’s place open. It’s my brain in paper form.
  • A dark brown hair tie.
  • A mechanical pencil and the best pen ever.
  • A tube of lip gloss.
  • A business card for the spa where I got a pedi with Jen & my mom.
  • A little spiral notebook. Paper is always handy.
  • An Altoids tin containing Altoids.
  • An Altoids tin containing feminine hygiene products.
  • Burt’s Bees lip balm.
  • Random change.
  • My phone. Non-smart.
  • A white eraser. No idea why that’s in there.
  • My shades. Which will, in all likelihood, be lost within a few months. It’s just what happens.
  • A wrapped pad. I am a woman, after all.

Usually, there is also a size 4 diaper and a travel pack of wipes therein. However, I took them out the other day for some reason. I forget why. I also usually have an envelope with cash in it for whatever errand I’m running that day. This is just what was in my purse when I took the picture about ten minutes ago.

I would say that each of these items is essential for me to carry around at all times. With the possible exception of the lip gloss and the checkbook. Still, neither takes up much space, so I might as well keep them on hand.

The diaper and wipes are probably THE most essential items. Every mom knows that if you forget a diaper, you are guaranteed to NEEEEEED one for at least one kid while you’re out. And might be forced to waste $1 on the diaper dispenser in Wal-Mart. Or to buy a pack of diapers before you head home. Or just forget the whole errand and go home until you can go by yourself. I’ve done all threee.

What do you think my purse contents say about me?
What are your absolute essentials? Why?