Day 8: The Moment I Finally Understood.

I have had many defining moments in my life, especially since I became a mother. Many of these moments result in a deeper appreciation for my mom and all she didn’t kill me for put up with while raising me.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve called her up and apologized for being whatever age the child driving me crazy happened to be at the time. She never fails to laugh and remind me that, “This, too, shall pass.”


However, I think the greatest defining moment I’ve had since motherhood began is the moment my firstborn was laid in my arms. I couldn’t even see his face at the moment, because he had literally just been laid on my belly, and his cord was a little short, so he faced away from me until the placenta was birthed.

I can see that moment so clearly in my mind. The little cowlick already evident on the back of his new, wet little head. His little limbs moving, and his skin that newborn shade of blue, turning to pink.

A thought came into my mind at that emotional, powerful moment.

“So this is how much God loves me.”

I kid you not. I will never forget those exact words running through my head. And I cried. I knew at that moment, that nothing would induce me to give up this child willingly for anyone else – yet that is exactly what God the Father did with his only Son. For me.

I was overwhelmed, and have never doubted His love since then. Ever.

It’s the day I finally caught a glimpse of the Divine, and really understood the concreteness of it.


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