Day 7: Do You Remember…

Today’s post is assigned to my best friend (who lives over here on the blogosphere), but since I wrote a post about her very recently, I decided to take a different tack, and write a post to my best friend. I want to focus on some of the little things that stand out in my memory. So, without further ado…

Tibbi, do you remember…

…”playing the piano” on each others fingers in advisory?

…Willie and his ridiculous, staple-wielding ways?

…Playing “Guess Who?” and sending half of it with me when I moved to DC, so we could play over the phone?

…borrowing each others clothes every so often?

…when we got scared out of our wits in the haunted house at Enchanted Forest?

…doing Easter Eggs at your Grandma’s?

…our “Ace Ventura” thing? “Do NOT go in there! Ha-wooooo!”

…counting to 3 so we could hang up at the same time?

…calling each other Tibby and Tibbi?

…being dubbed the co-presidents of the IBTC by your Mom, Shari (I cannot, for the life of me, remember how to spell her name, dangit), and Angi?

…graduating from that same committee after we had children?

…introducing me to country music?

…all the little scrapbooky things you’ve given me? I have yet to catch them up…I have pictures, just haven’t put them in.

…hosting a lingerie shower for me before I got married?

…the day Chloe was born, and my boss wouldn’t let me leave work? I still wish I’d just walked out, no matter what she said.

…the day we had to say good-bye when Chloe was just two weeks old? I hate that day still…

…getting annoyed with Rachel and me because we kept trying to adjust your dress during pictures?

…wearing sneakers in my wedding?

…the toast you gave at my reception? I still have it – it holds a place of honor in the scrapbook.

…how happy I was when you told me you were going to marry some Ryan guy? I still am.

…letting Sophia take our pictures last year, and the funny faces she instructed us to make? Chloe did the same this year.

…finding another “little” thing we have in common every time we talk?

The more I know you, Tiff, the more I love you. I have so many little memories tucked away in the nooks and crannies in my mind, I could go on for days and days. I love having a best friend. And I love even more that it’s you. 🙂