Day 6: A Day in the Life…

The dictates of this 30-day challenge require me to tell you about my day. What I should have done (if I had been thinking), was to pick up my camera, take pictures of my day, and do a photo essay. But, I didn’t. So, you get whatever happens to come from my brain, through my fingers, to the keyboard.

Take it or leave it.

This morning started a little late, since the kids didn’t wake me until 8:30. I didn’t object. I enjoyed my coffee, some facebook time, and a stimulating conversation with the little ones.

I spent the day just catching up on basic housework, feeding my family, playing with a baby, making final plans for a baby shower tomorrow, and actually had a couple of hours in the afternoon to just be…quiet.

Novel idea, this “quiet.” I like it. I think I’ll keep it.

I’m learning a lot about snatching stray minutes here and there to settle down, be still, and connect with God. Even if it’s just a deep breath and a prayer for sanity.

When I woke up from a real, live nap, the window measuring guy came and measured our windows. (Duh.) That was the adventure of the day for the kids. Dain followed him around, repeating every measurement and laughing like numbers are the best joke since knock-knock jokes were invented.

The kids and I enjoyed some dinner together, and I baked a cake for my friend’s baby shower tomorrow. After I tucked my precious kiddos into bed, I realized I could just sit back and relax. It’s so weird, this “keeping up on housework” thing. Perhaps it’s because I’m lacking two children UNTIL TOMORROW!!!

Life goes back to its normal chaos tomorrow. Sigh…I’m so happy.

Okay. I’m done now. My day is about to officially end. And I liked it. Mostly because it ended with Whoppers. AND MY KIDS WILL BE BACK TOMORROW!!!


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