Well, I Feel All Warm & Fuzzy Now!

Thank you, so much, Abbie, for brightening my day by passing these awards along to me. 🙂 I truly feel flattered and happy! I’m more than happy to pass them on, and here are the rules for doing so:

1. Thank the one who gave it to you and link to their blog.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Choose seven others to bless with the award and let them know they’ve won an award.

Seven Random Things About My Own Self (because I don’t write about ME often enough, obviously! Ha!)

1. I just got a haircut. While it’s not drastic, it feels drastic to me. I guess it’s weird that my hair actually has a particular style to it now.

2. The one place that can make me feel incredibly insecure is the mall, and the fashionable stores therein.

3. I am far more practical in my choice of what gifts I would like for my birthday than I ever have been.

4. I am a discouraged perfectionist: I love order, but if I can’t do it right, I just might not do it at all.

5. My favorite part of getting my hair cut is when it’s being washed. I could sit with my head in that sink all day.

6. I have so much I want to finish before school starts, but I really don’t think it will happen…

7. I need to start over everyday. Literally and figuratively.

The Seven Blogs I Choose to Nominate For These Fun Little Award Thingies Are (in no particular order):
Life With the Two
Blooming Where We’re Planted
3 Little Sparrows
Latte Lover Devotions
Adventures In Adoption
Antique Mommy
Budget Wise Food

There are certainly more blogs I read – and enjoy reading immensely – but these were the ones that came to mind immediately, so I’ll go with that. Check out my blogroll if you want to see other blogs I love reading.

Thanks, again, Abbie, for the fun!


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