Top Ten Things That Hold Some Sort of Strange, Mystical Obsession For Me

Without any ado whatsoever, the Top Ten Things That Hold Some Sort of Strange, Mystical Obsession For Me are (in no particular order):

1… Books. It’s a good thing Goodwill sells them for fifty cents. Once I start, it is very rare that I cannot finish a book. Even if it’s not very good.

2… The Light Sprinkling of Gray Beginning to Show in My Hair. No one else seems to notice it, but it’s there. Just a few of them are nonchalantly showing up, making themselves comfortable, and I am happy to see them. I have to check every morning to make sure they’re still there.

3… Birth. It’s as close as we will ever get to Creation, and its origin.

4… The Sky. Especially here, where it is so big. Sometimes, I can see an entire storm in my field of vision. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and I never get tired of it.

5… The Ocean. Standing on the beach in the Pacific Northwest, with my eyes closed, makes me feel that I am just outside the throne room of Heaven, and I can hear the murmur of angelic conversation. I can’t quite make out the words, but I know that someday, I will.

6… Newborn Sounds. Their plaintive little half-cries, the coos, the grunts, the sighs, and the yawns. And of course, that very first, magical laugh.

7… Narnia. To this day, I still find myself daydreaming of living in that world more than any other. I haven’t quite given up hope that one day, a closet will open into the wilds of Lantern Waste.

8… Facebook. I admit it. It’s hard to pull away. Ever.

9… My Husband. I don’t think I will ever have a day in this life in which he does not surprise me. I will spend the rest of my life trying to figure that man out.

10… LOST. I am so beyond confused right now, but I must finish. Then, I am going to start from the beginning, and watch it all the way through again, in the hopes of grasping whatever it is that stinking show is supposed to MEAN!

Thanks, Jenni, for bringing Top 10 back! I missed it so…


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Hold Some Sort of Strange, Mystical Obsession For Me

  1. OH the LOST thang. I am watching it through to the bitter end, with gritted teeth half the time!!

    I’m obsessed with many of your items as well…but I didn’t include them because I don’t find it strange or mystical, just perfectly normal. LOL!

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