Must…Suppress…Eagerness…to…Potty Train…the Youngest.

****WARNING: This post contains way too many potty references. Just FYI.***

Every once in awhile, Dain asks to sit on the potty while I’m changing his diaper. I usually oblige. He sits awhile, grins, and gets down. Nothing else. No biggie.

Well, today, he asked, so I sat him down.

He grins, and it’s obvious he’s pushing. He farts. Loudly. Then laughs his head off. So, he farts again, on purpose. This time, he pees at the same time, which is even more hilarious! His siblings come running to see what the fun is all about, and he obliges with several more farts to be proud of, peeing all the while. I, of course, must clap and encourage this behavior, because we all know what this means…

It means that my diaper days have an end. The horizon is in sight! It’s so close, I can smell it. Heheh.

It is not this day, though. I refuse to succumb to the strong desire to break out the underwear and get training. I just can’t go through that again. So, I am going to continue this system of “let the kid decide, so I don’t have to clean pee out of the carpet everyday.”

Besides, Audrey still wets herself on purpose when she feels like she needs more attention, every few days or so.

Still. HE PEED IN THE POTTY. That is so weird. A proud mother cannot help but document such evidence of “growing up” on the internet.


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  1. My jealousy knows no bounds. As I have 2 in nappies and haven’t ventured into potty training yet, i can’t imagine a world which doesn’t include nappies…

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