A Poem for Mothers

I am large in my skin
I make no apology
This belly grew a baby
Why should it be flat?
It curves with the memory of the womb.
These breasts fed a baby
Why should they be pert?
They swell with the memory of milk.
These hips carried a child
Why should they be slim?
They are full with the memory of life.
My bones are secret under flesh
My skin plump and white and fine
Mine is the face of Botticelli
Mine is the water of the Nile
Mine is the shape of things forbidden
Daughter of Gaia, grown beautiful and wild.

~ Lorri Barrier

To all the mothers in my life, but most especially my very own – love who you are. Love the body you now have – created by the very Source of Life Himself. Remember that you nourished and grew a complete person inside of you. Or more than one! Stretch marks, extra skin, and bigger curves are badges of honor identifying you as a Mother. And pass it on to your daughters and sons – that Normal is Beautiful. Airbrushed is hollow.