I’m Up to a Lot of Somethings Right Now.

The way time slips past me, nearly unnoticed, really gets on my nerves sometimes. I still have an Easter post, and the official cousins group pics to put up. Not to mention a few charming anecdotes, which I have actually already forgotten. Heh.

Jen and I have nearly finished a major overhaul on the bedrooms in the house. Since the Good Lord seems to see fit that she be here on a semi-permanent basis, we have decided to push our little house into shape for such an arrangement. As of right now, it looks like Jen will still be living with us when Baby T is born sometime May/June-ish.

Last night, we painted the master bedroom the same yellow the rest of my house is painted, to brighten it up for ALL FOUR KIDS to share. Eesh. We moved them in today. We took apart and reassembled two sets of bunkbeds, moved four dressers, and my queen-size bed.

Levi and I have now laid claim to what was once the boys’ room, and I am planning on re-painting it as well. Probably a pretty olive-ish color with a wine accent wall. Primary blue and bright red just don’t “do it” for us.

Jen and Baby T will occupy the front bedroom, so they can have a little corner to call their own, and so Jen can be more comfortable in these last weeks of pregnancy. She’s moved a full-size futon into her room, that came with one of those high-end comfortable mattresses! Too bad it smells like smoke. Blech! She’s out at the store now, buying a plastic cover in the hopes that we can stem the stench enough for it to last the rest of the time she’s here. If it doesn’t work, we’ll craigslist it for something better. This room is the only bedroom not being painted. Jen doesn’t mind the green and pink motif (though she just got home with a cover that is decidedly NOT a match with the walls!), and the girls will probably reoccupy that room after she moves.

At first, I wasn’t going to worry about painting, but since we have no idea how long we’ll be living this way, I figured, “Why the heck NOT?” My MIL paints and repaints rooms the same way my mother rearranges furniture. (That’s incredibly often, in case you don’t know either lady.) Plus, I don’t have to buy much paint, since I have both the yellow for the kids’ room on hand, as well as the wine for my accent wall. I just need to pick up a pretty green. I’m also thinking of making a “false” headboard for our bed with a curtain rod, curtains, and artwork I already have.

What’s that?

You want pictures?

Too bad. I am not bothering until I can post both before AND after pictures. Which won’t be for another month, I’m sure, since I have curtains to make for the kids room, blinds to put up, and walls to fill with pretties. Oh yes! I also have seeds to plant, kids and pregnant people to teach, meetings to attend, and…lots of other stuff to do.

So yeah. I’m busy.

You’ll just have to rely on your imaginations for visuals today, thankyouverymuch.

Now. I am completely POOPED, so off I go. Leaving you with this sweet little something to brighten your day:

Turbo, to AJ, who is always yanking short people’s chains around here: “Why do you say stuff that makes us think you’re weird?”


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  1. Sounds like fun- I remember giving up our Master bedroom for the two boys to share, building them a bunk-bed set w/built-in dressers. A queen bed really fills up a small room!

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