Nothing More Beautiful or Fun

30 weeks

Isn’t she pretty? This is my sister, growing a baby girl. She’s doing a fabulous job of it, in my opinion. 🙂 Of course, I may be biased, since I firmly believe there are very few things more beautiful than the rounded shape of a pregnant belly.

One of those things being young children surrounding the pregnant belly.

From Cuteness’ reassurance that her auntie is free “to push her baby out on my bed, if she wants to,” to Turbo’s love of reading stories to his baby cousin, to Sunshine and Bubbers constantly wanting to talk to and hug the baby, I am well-supplied with reasons to laugh and cry and join in their joy.

I will never cease to be amazed at the special relationship my kids seem to have with their auntie’s belly.

Little hands just seem to belong on a pregnant belly – if you ask me.

Of course, one great source of amusement is the inside-out belly button that begs to be pushed. Bubbers is especially fond of this game.

Apparently, he has to be in the right mood.

I am so glad I get to be a part of this. Frankly, it’s a hoot.


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