Seems as though most of the fun had around here these days revolves around books. This is Turbo reading The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge to his cousins and sisters. We checked this out from the library, and the kids all love it as much as I did when I was a child.

Between Lightning’s adorable tendencies as a very avid observer, Princess’s dimples, and Chubbers’ peek-a-boo games, I have been kept laughing more often than usual. My own Short People produce enough material for hilarity as it is. I think my face is going to start hurting soon…

Last night, for example, I was tucking in the boys at bed time. I asked Lightning for a hug, and he gave me a good one. “Wow, buddy, that’s a great hug!” I exclaimed as he tried to choke me out, oh-so-lovingly.

“I know. I like to hug really tight, because my Daddy likes tight hugs.”

“So, you’re practicing for when Daddy gets home then?” I asked.

“Yes I am.” Said with a smile, and much assurance.

I love these kiddos! Yet another family I wish we could live close to, so the kids could grow up together. Especially because they really do play well together, as evidenced by Lego time:

Seriously. They’ve spent at least two hours at the table, everyday, just building and playing. I’m just grateful that a huge portion of them were given to us. Hand-me-downs are excellent.

Especially when they foster such creativity. Turbo is always begging me to come see his newest house/castle/fort he has fashioned from these timeless blocks. And if I do say so myself, I don’t think he’s half-bad.


Well. This was a fairly random post. Then again, my brain has felt awfully random lately.

Here. Watch a video.


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  1. Cute! Give us more, more! Feels really weird our whole family is there, and we’re still here.

  2. Excellent! We love books and Leggos also. Our current book is Dinosaurs Love Underpants which is a follow-up to Aliens Love Underpants.

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